Crowl Marketing | Creative will be open for business during the state-mandated shut-down as all personnel have the ability to work remotely. You can continue to communicate with all personnel as needed PLUS we are available to assist you 24/7 for any communications alerts to your customers.

Please contact your normal Crowl contact if you need assistance. Below is all critical Crowl personnel that are available for you to contact:

Rod McGregor - 330-418-1124
Jeff Crowl - 330-418-0472
Drew McGregor - 330-703-6771
Frank Scassa - 330-418-9781
Julie Safreed - 330-805-6711
Chris Sirgo - 330-418-8232
Ann Morrow -
Rod Covey - 330-705-1740
Dane Llewellyn - 330-316-3663